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Lucas tries to get Simone to talk abou what's happening, but they try to stay in the moment until he gets paged and she goes to check on Toby.

Trey is brought through the ER after an accident.

Everyone gets a text from Mer to meet them at the hospital. They show up and Mer seems to be a bit unhinged and buried in work. She says that she cure Alzheimers.

Jo explains her issues with Link with Sam and he tells Jo that Link is clearly in love with Jo. He still promises to sweep her off her feet.

Jules is livid about Blue intubating Max against her wishes. Now she needs more medical attention and Jules is Max's proxy so now she has to make choices on her behalf.

Lucas tells Simone about Trey and they head to where he is. Trey has an injury to his arm that won't affect his ability to do surgery. But when he sees Lucas, he gets angry and attacks him, punching him in the face while Owen and Link try to hold Trey back.

Mer wanted to run past everyone who new theory on Alzheimer's.

Winston is headed to his hotel eroom when Maggie sees him coming down the hall. She enlists his help with her dress, looking gorgeous, and she congratualates him on being chief of cardio. The sexual tension between them simmers and they start making out.

they agree that Amelia's work is groundbreaking but Webber warns her from sharing it with people beccause it'll take years to prove and people will think she's crazy. Amelia thinks that it will throw away decades of work including Derek's about the disease.

Mer speaks about it anyway.

Bailey is thrown off when Mer steps up to make the announcement of the receipient of the Catherine Fox Foundatioin award, but Mer anonounces that Bailey is the person who won it for her work with women's healthcare under attack.

Webber tells Amelia that he almost had a drink on the plane and she asks him if he wnts to go to ameeting. He declines, but he orders a gin and tonic.

Winston asks if they should get divorced because he wants to focus on his career and Maggie says that they can figure everything out.

Mer leaves a note to Nick, and they make up when he confesses that he wants to be with her and she tells him the man at her house was Zola's gay tutor.

Jo and Link are arguing again, but then he confesses that he loves her, and she admits she loves him too and they make out in the rain.

Jules tells Blue that she hates him for what he did and how he acts but he's the reason Maxine is still alive, since Maxine woke p and will be fine, so she loves him too.

Sam nees an emergency surgery, and Teddy intends to do it when she passes out. They page for help but then Teddy's heart stops beating and Sam is also going into heart failure.

Lucas makes the call to crack open Sam to start fixing his heart since help still hasn't arrived and Simone agrees to work with him.

Mika uses the paddles on Teddy, and Owen comes in to Mika despearately trying to revive Teddy and Sam bleeding out on the table.

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