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Teddy puts the hospital on a lockdown.

Addison was only clipped by the car because of her shoulder and wants Bailey to check on Tia, the other doctor. Her shoulder is dislocated and she makes Link pop it back in.Addison immediately goes to check on Tia.

Tia codes and they get the baby out, but they're able to revive her once the baby is out and rush her to the OR.

Amelia takes Blue to check his head and let's him stay at the hospital but puts Jules in charge of keeping an eye on him.

Winston checks in on Maggie and he tells her about Tia.

Maya and Ben have to fight like hell to get inside the hospital and Teddy let's them in so they can check on their wives.

Jules' roommates, two senior aged ladies come into the ER, and they need to get treated.

They get into contact with Tia's husband and update him as he prepares to take the next flight out of there.

Jules' roommate Max hits on Link.

Webber finds Mika having an anxiety attack and helps ground her and gives her some advice. He reminds her that today is not a normal day for them and that it was violent and she was reacting as she would, being human.

Maya finally finds Carina and they share a moment.

They perform surgery but Tia is not doing well so they stop to give her a break.

They inform Max and her friend that they both have gonorrhea and they call the person who gave it to them and realize it's the same man.

Bailey calsl Tia's husband for an update.

Maya and Ben bond over how they put their wives through this type of stress everyday when they go on their calls, and now they understand how their wives feel about their jobs.

Tia starts bleeding out and Mika is there to assist Bailey and Jo as they operate on Tia right there in the room when she goes hypertensive.

Link tells Addison she needs rest and to get off the road for a minute, and she tells Amelia that she's basically been the only one out there doing abortions and such and that she can't afford to take a break.

Maggie and Winston have an argument because she won't apologize.

Tia's husband arrives.Time passes and Addison heads back on the road.

Tia finally wakes up. Jo gets emotional about it and breaks down with Link in the elevator.


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 12 Quotes

Maggie: Winston...
Winston: Yeah?
Maggie: Thanks for checking in.

Remember when being a doctor was considered heroic, like teachers and firefighters? Who does this? Who throws bricks and runs people over?