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Maggie is packing everything up, while Winston is trying to distract himself.

Kai is back in town and Amelia is happy that they're back and they plan to spend the day together.

A woman brings her friend in with a tumor wrapped around her heart that proves to be a challenge, and she pages Mggie hersself, getting Mggie's attention and leading to Maggie taking on a huge, near impossible case on her last day.

Webber is hurt that Maggie is leaving them. He has a patient Grayson who needs surgery when he stopped taking his meds. And Webber has been taking his issues out on everyone all.

Teddy makes fun of Link and Jo because she knows they like each other.

Maggie goes to perform surgery on the patient, and she has to call Winston in for assistance because he helps her figure things out well, and they formulate a plan.

Levi is seeking assitance as he tries to find is specialty, and others make him feel bad because he got a late start at it because of the pandemic.

Bailey puts Mika in charge of manning her phone since she's still getting harassed by people after getting doxxed.

Amelia spends the day crying and getting comfort from Kai.

Link realizes that he wants to tell Jo abou this feelings but she calls to tell him that something is wrong with the baby's hearing.

After she gets sent a photo of Tuck. she finally decides to go to a hotel.

Kai tells Amelia that she's going to London.

Maggie and Winston sleep together.


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 14 Quotes

The Amelia I know is inspiring. She's not the queen of spirals. She's just the queen.


Winston: That was a hell of a way to go out today.
Maggie: I couldn't have done that surgery without you.
Winston: You would've figured it out.
Maggie: No, I wouldn't have.