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it opens with Jolink, and Helm and Mika having a very racy night. And Simone and Lucas have trouble sleeping because of all the noise.

The interns must face their first day under Bailey's reign and she hands out assignments they're not happy with but can't really complain.

A family comes into the hospital with a plethora of injuries they sustained in the middle of a softball game.

Another man comes into the ER with gunshot wounds. When they go to cut him out of his pants, loads of money that were taped to his legs fall all over the place.

Levi will get to be lead surgeon on Dante,a baker's case. And Dante keeps flirting with him. Simone preps him but mentions he's HIV positive which Dante insists is a mistake and feels that Simone is being homophobic and got it wrong. He kicks her out of his room, but she's going according to bloodwork.

Allie, the pregnant woman's water didn't break like she thought. She peed on herself to her shock, but Amelia rules that she could have a spinal injury and she needs scans lest she's paralyzed.

Richard informs Dante that he's HIV positive and wants to go over plans and reassure him that he'll be fine, but Dante is not taking the news well and tries to leave even though he still needs a gall bladder surgery.

The robber dies on the table, but when Kwan tries practicing cardiac massages, he comes back to life.

Allie needs a surgery on her spine, but they have to figure out how to do it without jeopardizing the baby. While they're performing it, Jo checks on the baby when they go in distress, and the woman is flipped over. The baby is fine.

Teddy and Owen are bickering with each other through Yasuda who is looking after Teddy.

Simone is having a tough day, and Lucas checks up on her. She goes to kiss him, and they start kissing but he still wants to talk, and she pushes him away again.

Teddy is working herself to the bones and ends up crying and Yasuda promises discretion.

Amelia talks to Jo and acknowledges that she knows her and Link are together.

Lucas loses teh bag of cash and asks Kwan about it, but Kwan has it.

Bailey is still trying to identify the John Doe with the cash. When they do, Kwan updates the parents and Bailey realizes she may have been too hard on the interns.

She talks to Ben about it who gives her words of encouragement.

Teddy and Owen make up.

Simone tells Lucas she has to put herself first because things are getting too intense and she's been jumping into things too quickly, an he reminds her that she always has put herself first. And from now on, they're roommates only.

Amelia tells Winston that she misses everyone and wants to hang out and he agrees.

Jo and Link have a dinner that recaptures time from their youth.

Dante asks Levi out.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 2 Quotes

Lucas: Are you sure you want this?
Simone: I want to feel better. Is there a problem?
Lucas: I want his too. But maybe we should talk.

My class didn't screw up like yours did!