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The interns are bickering while they come onto their shift. They're still mad that they have to deal with scut work because of the incident.

Things are akward between Simone and Lucas. But Lucas and Mika re also bikering a bit too. Lucas feels competitive when it comes to Kwan and wants to beat him out with procedures.

He leaves Mika to deal with their patient by herself while he goes searching for beitter things to get into. Mika realzies something is wrong with the patient, gives a prognosis and goes to get some help, but when Bailey comes in, Lucas runs everything down and Mika is shocked and hurt that Lucas didn't stick up for her.

Bailey felt she abandoned her post and that Lucas did all the work and made the prognosis. She allows him to assisst her with an emergency procedure.

Lucas doesn't think he's done anythig wrong, but when they all bicker in the lockeroom by the end of the episode, Simone tries to squash it by sayihng they're all accountable.

Mika is upset about it and goes out drinking.

Simone realizes after talking to Jules that Lucas may have been right and after working on a case where a man who got crushed by some contraption that he was trying to impress his wife's ex with died.

He died before he coudl tell his wife himself how much he loved her, so Simone did it for him.

She goes to Lucas' room to talk tko him after that harrowing experience and Lucas is gone. He's packed up all of his things.

Mer sneaks back in town because she somehow though she'd get funding without going through Catherine. She isn't, but after spending th day with Teddy, she learns that Teddy can allocate some funding to her, and her and Amelia are back on track with their research.

Winston is upset all day because he was supposed to be going to visit Maggie but both of their schedules didn't allow it. He takes it out on his patient, the guy in the contraption.

Later he talks to Owen who basically tells him it's time to let go of Maggie because it isn't working. He takes off his wedding band,

Amelia has a spat with the new doctor over a parking spot and that carries into them working a case together to save a young girl with some unorthdox treatment.

Levi sees Nico with Jo in the waiting room and realizes that he's having a baby. He is seriously with another guy of whom he can't stop raving about to Levi's face and has moved i with him and is pursuing fatherhood. They have a surrogate.

Levi decides he wants to pursue his Peds fellowship.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 3 Quotes

Jules: I don't have that much tension with my roommate.
Simone: Your roommate is 100.
Jules: Maxine is a young 82.

You want to win? Get in the game.