Attitude Realignment - Grey's Anatomy
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Jo freaks out when she realizes her period is late and she tells Link. She goes through the motions of trying to take a pregnancy test while having a busy shift and freaking out about what their life would look like with three kids still in diapers when she just started her rounds as a OBGYN.

He reassures her that they can get through anything together and they're fortunate to make any type of decision.

A horde of medical students who were celebrating getting their white coats end up in an accident and have various issues. one of the women who Lucas becomes attached to has a stake in her back and Amelia and Owen work on her and realize that she's not moving her one foot.

Simone is putting in too much work and is supposed to be going home when she realizes that she lost one of her drunken patients who is part of the medical student crew. She enlists Kwan to help her.

Jules works with Winston on a case with a man with heart issues named who enlists a cuddler to help with his pain and Winston can't seem to keep his judgemental comments to himself.

Nick calls Mer to tell her that Bailey has appendicitis and she freaks out but can't get a flight. Webber gets her on Catherine's flight.

Mer is mad that Nick took Bailey to the hospital before telling her about anything. She goes off on him about that.

Jules goes off on Winston for having a crappy attitude now and making it hard for people to want to work with him when he gets disparaging about his patient and his need for a cuddler.

Simone's patient Eddie is found on the rooftop pacing on ledge. Eddie is talking about suicide and Simone and Kwan don't know what to do.

Webber is with Mer and reassuring her about the surgery. She's freaking out and thinking about Derek.

simone is able to talk her patient into sitting on the ledge instead of walking and Blue texts Bailey.

Warren shows up to check on Bailey when she gets the text about the guy on the roof and is there to assist.

Owen wants to talk Amelia into performing a risky surgery on the spinal cord to try and save her ability to walk etc, and Lucas tells them that they should try because the patient would want it.

Jo and Link bicker about the results and reactiosn to the preganncy test especially when he seems too relieved about it being negative and then she realizes that it's a dud test with no accurate result.

Gilbert starts freaking out on the way to surgery and Winston eventually hops on the bed and hugs him, which calms him down in time to get there.

Mer gets there and hears that the surgery went well. Then she dismisses Nick from the room. Nick leaves. Webber gently points out that she's being hard on him. Bailey wakes up and asks where Nick is.

Eddie talks about all th epressure and pain of going through the process and how he doesn't feel like a doctor yet and Simone and Blue talk about their experiences and relate to him, and eventaully they get him to come down with Bailey and Warren watching on.

Jules apologizes to Winston and he tells her that she was right after they suceed with the patient.

Mer apologizes to Nick for how she was behaving when he starts expressing his frustrations. They make up.

Jo announces that she isn't pregnant. But she wants to have a kid with Link at some point and he says he can get there with some time.

Mika and Levi talk. He tells her how he wanted to put her on the impalement but Helm overruled him.

The med student can walk again and surgery went fine.

Simone and Blue check on Eddie and Simone let's Blue know that what he said on the roof relating to him, if he wants to talk about it, but Blue doesn't.

Amelia tries to check in on Winston since she heard about the divorce papers came in.

Ben and Bailey talk about mental illness in medical students and so forth.

Lucas sees Simone trying to sleep in the oncall room and asks to talk. She says no at first because of the night she had, but then she cals him back and welcomes him into the bed with her.

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