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Blue is adjusting to coming into work with the girls and Lucas is still in his feelings about Blue moving in.

Simone is late to work after spending some time with her grandmother.

She works the pit and ends up assisting a father who broke his wrist and his pregnant wife who starts having contractions.

Blue and Jules assist two women who got into an accident when they were making out in the car at a makeout place and knocked the shift, causing the car to ram into the other car. They're giggly and fun, pulling the other's bra out of their pocket when the one woman, Jill's husband comes in looking for her.

Dorian is finally getting dropped down a level as he continues to get better.

His friends come visit him but he notices that his bag is leaking after he sends his friends out and Lucas and Levi have to get to work with him.

Lucas is having a hard time feeling replaced by Blue and voices as much while working alongside Mika.

Simone spends time with the father who is injured. She's the one who tells him that his wife has gone into labor. But he has no idea that while Carina and Jo delivered the baby, his wife is facing complications and dying on the table.

Jillian, one of the women having an affair ends up yelling at her nagging husband who doesn't like her "friend" that she's been cheating on him for two years to the shock of everyone in the ER.

But she realizes that yelling makes her feel better, so she keeps yelling all the way to a brain scan and through it, and Amelia figures out that there's a pressure that gets relief when she yells, and she'll need surgery.

Teddy is thrilled to be back in the OR and doesn't realize that Owenis having issues.

Dorian needs surgery but he may not get it because he may need a few days before they can operate, so he's right back to square one in some ways.

Blue returns the bra to one of the ladies. he taunts Jules about their bet, and she ups the ante by saying if she loses, she'll have sex with him in a car.

Simone is in the OR working on the pregnant mother. She flatlines and they desperately work tos ave her life. It's a grueling, bloody mess, and Simone freezes when she envisions her own mother on that operating table, since her mother died giving birth to her. She freezes up.

Meanwhile, Carina tells the husband about how things are going with his wife and that it's not looking good.

Lucas goes off on Dorian's friends for not showing up untill recently when he's been in the hospoital for two months. They don't seem to realize how bad things are for him or the fact that he may not ever be able to eat regularly again.

Jo and Simone tell the husband that his wife, Lauren, lost a lot of blood, but she's alive. She didn't have indigestion. She had preeclampsia.

The hsuband tells Simone that he's named the baby Imani Simone and that jars her further.

Aaaron, Jillian's husband waits for an update and talks to Owen about how he didn't see the signs of his marriage not working out because they didn't talk. It makes Owen think.

Simone gets tequila shots at Joe's.

Jo gets Lauren's labs back and feels like she was part of the problem and Lauren almost became a statistic. She says she wants to quit General and focus all of her time on OB.

Lucas and Mika argue and then laugh and make up.

Owen talks to Teddy about how he's afraid of losing her and how she flatlined in front of him and that's why he has struggled to talk to her.

They have sex in her office.

Bailey sees Simone getting drunk and takes her home. She tells Bailey about her mother and how she shoud've said something about Lauren sooner. Bailey gives her a talk about how important it is that they're there for patients like Lauren to advocate.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7 Quotes

It sucks when your friends move on without you.


Dorian: Are they in trouble, or am I?
Bailey: They're interns. They're always in trouble.