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Meredith’s house has turned into a frat house, while Mark has become a third wheel in Calizona’s relationship.

Owen and Cristina are looking at new houses for them to move into and Cristina doesn’t seem too enthusiastic with anything.

Derek and Meredith go to see a fertility doctor who tells them that Meredith’s uterus is hostel.

One of Meredith’s patients, Leila, has Hutchinson’s disease. Teddy found out that she has a tumor at first she wouldn’t let Jackson scrub in, but he turned on the charm to get her to say yes.

Later that day, Teddy catches Jackson in the changing room with his shirt off.  She realizes that he was flirting with her to get in her OR and tells him that she could have him fired for that.

Leila has a heart to heart with Meredith about her fears of moving forward with treatment with her disease. Later, Meredith meets with the Chief to discuss her mom and her symptoms with Alzheimer’s.

Bailey and Cristina’s patient believes that he may have a cure for asthma with a strange worm that was in his puke.  The patient thinks believes that he’s on a cure to finding asthma with his worms.

Since Cristina puts together what’s wrong with her patient, Bailey offers her the option to scrub in and she declines.  While Cristina’s watching, something goes wrong and Cristina comes in to the surgery to save his research (worms).

Callie and Karev’s patent has a tumor and will need to cut off his leg.  He freaks out because his leg makes him an incredible ballet dancer and no prosthetic would let him move like that.

April is getting on Lexie’s last nerve with the living situation and her knowing more about Meredith’s life than she does. Finally, Lexie finds out what’s wrong with Meredith, but she’s not pleased that April knew before her.

Callie puts together that Arizona does not like Mark. Arizona admits to Callie that she doesn’t like Mark because he stares at her boobs.

Meredith gets Cristina to draw her blood to find out if she has the Alzheimer’s gene.  When she gets home she tells Derek and he tells her that he doesn’t want to find out what the outcome is. Life happens and they’re in it together no matter what comes their way.  Meredith agrees with him.

Lexie confronts Meredith about her insecurities regarding her new friendship with April and Meredith reassures her that there’s nothing to worry about. She stuck by her and they are both Grey’s.  Later that night, Lexie apologizes to April.

Arizona takes Mark on a date to get to know him.

Owen finds Cristina at the one house he liked. She tells him that she bought it for them because she knew he loved it and she loves him.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

(to Meredith) You know this isn't normal.


Biology determines much of the way we live. From the moment we're born we know how to breathe and eat. As we grow older new instincts kick in. We become territorial. We learn to compete. We seek shelter. Most important of all, we reproduce. Sometimes biology can turn on us though. Yeah, biology sucks sometimes.


Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 4 Music

  Song Artist
Until the last falling star Until The Last Falling Star Matthew Perryman Jones iTunes
Tumblin down Tumblin Down Jenna Andrews iTunes
Song Further Correatown iTunes