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Cristina comes to Meredith’s house in the middle of the night because she couldn’t sleep. Derek feels a bit awkward about the situation.

All the head doctors meet to discuss Cristina’s place at the hospital. Derek takes full responsibility over her.  Cristina is not thrilled about being with him and isn’t sure if she still wants to be a surgeon.

Derek’s sister, Amelia (Amy), comes to visit him and brings him a brain tumor. He is not happy with her visit because when they were young she stole his prescription pad and OD on pills after his father died.

During surgery Cristina cracks under the pressure and Derek’s sister steps in to help. Amy doesn’t understand why he’s so patient with Cristina so he tells her that she saved his life.

Derek meets with Cristina and goes over what she did to save his life on a cadaver.

Andrew’s leaving and Teddy’s a mess because of it.  Teddy’s new patient is a 27 year old virgin and they found a condom in her lungs.  Turns out she was just practicing on a banana and accidentally chocked on it.

April is trying to get the group to not make it a big deal because she too is a virgin which only makes everyone crack up.

A husband and wife get to the hospital because he has tree hands and Lexie is shocked.  It’s a rare condition from HPV. His wife makes him go through surgery because she’s tired of staying inside all the time and never going out.

The chief realizes that Karev won’t take the elevator because he’s scared. The last time he was in that elevator, he almost died in a pool of his own blood. He gets Alex to get over his fears and finally ride in the elevator again.

Teddy admits to Andrew that she really likes him.  He tells her that she always falls for the guys that aren’t unattached.

After work, the gang meet for drinks and all have a good laugh about April being a virgin. April finally stands up for herself and puts everyone in there place, including Lexie and how Mark is in love with her.

This causes Lexie to go by Mark’s and finds him hooking up with Amy.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

(regarding Cristina) She goes I go.


Most surgeons grew up as freaks. While other kids played outside, we hold up in our rooms memorizing our periodic table, hovering for hours over our junior microscopes, dissecting our first frogs.


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Belong Cary Brothers iTunes
Worried About Lissie iTunes
Sheep in Wolves Clothing Ash Koley iTunes