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Cristina is sitting in a room full of boxes when all the rest of the doctors are in a meeting regarding the surgery that Teddy and Cristina worked on.  

Callie will not leave her hotel room until she gets a call from Mark telling her that Cristina quit.

Dr. Starke is the new peds doctor since Arizona left. Alex and April are in charge of a new baby patient that is in need of a liver.  Alex is not getting along well with the new doctor.

The new patient is a huge global politician from the Middle East.

Derek is trying to make time with Meredith to get their love making on, when they get interrupted because Teddy and Owen need her help on the surgery.  They will be doing open heart surgery on him.

Cristina is cutting Callie’s hair when they realize she should throw a house warming party.  They go to the mall to get new furniture and a better haircut for Callie.

Alex has a great idea to help save his baby’s life, but Dr. Starke turns him down.  Later that day, Dr. Starke goes into surgery and uses the same idea that Karev gave him before. April calls the Dr. out in front of the Chief, but he doesn’t confirm or deny that it was originally Alex’s idea.

Jackson is left to watch a patient and her pancreas. He doesn’t view this as important as he should because before he knows it, his patient is going into arrest.  Bailey gets there just in time to watch her patient die.

April goes to Alex and tells him what a great job he did today. He kisses her and rips off her clothes. She asks him to move slow and he blows up on her and tells her that he’s not going to walk her through it.
Cristina’s housewarming party is heating up and Cristina is no where to be found. She is on the roof with Derek talking about flooring and tiles.
Callie and Mark talk about her moving in with him. April gets to the party hysterical. She tells Jackson what Alex did and he leashes out on Alex when he gets there.
Alex informs Meredith that he didn’t end up going to Vegas. He went home to his family. His brother was diagnosed schizophrenic  and tried to kill their younger sister.  He bailed on his family like he bails on anything personal in his life. 
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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

What happens in Vegas, ya know?


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