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Callie isn’t too thrilled with the whole moving to Africa situation, especially since Arizona is hawking off all her stuff to Sloan.

When they get to the hospital, the Chief makes it clear that he isn’t too thrilled that he is also losing Callie. He wanted her to stay because he had big plans for her. This statement obviously piqued big interest for Callie.  

Teddy informs Cristina that her patient Roy has gotten lungs available and now Cristina is a part of this surgery. Owen is concerned, but Cristina tries to reassure him that she’s okay.

Roy’s daughter comes to visit him and he goes into cardiac arrest because he can’t breathe.

Owen has put together a trauma certification program. He releases Meredith to help Cristina.  

The daughter wants to hear what is happening with her father, but Meredith is of no help. Meredith goes to get Cristina, but she is too busy trying to help Roy save his leg.

Meredith calls Teddy to find out what to do, but Cristina is already on it. Cristina admits to Meredith that she’s scared about everything.

While waiting for the lung implant, Cristina admits to Meredith that she thinks it’s Meredith’s fault for where she is today. If it was anyone else, she would have walked away and wouldn’t be in the situation she’s in.

Meanwhile, Lexie and Sloan’s patient, Kristy, is getting a butt implant. Lexie automatically thinks it’s because of a guy, but Kristy later points out it’s because she’s always wanted one to make her feel good about herself.

Dr. Bailey went downstairs to the see if Mary’s autopsy will show what was the cause of her death. The pathologist could care less about Mary and why she died, which is really ticking Bailey off.

Bailey goes to Derek for help and he doesn’t help because he’s too fixated on writing a proposal for a grant on finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

The other doctors are busy with the trauma certification. Jackson isn’t too helpful with April and Alex, yet they are one of the two last standing teams. 

Jackson ends up waking out, which infuriates Owen. April goes a bit crazy and ends up taking the certification to another level, which Owen allows and makes them win.

Callie and Sloan are talking outside and he points out to Callie that she sounds like a woman getting DD implants for her boyfriend. He wants her to love the idea of moving to Africa and it doesn’t sound like it.

On their way to board the plane Arizona tells Callie that she does not want to go to Africa with her and she breaks up with Callie.

The Chief tells Cristina that she did a great job on her patients case. Cristina tells the Chief she wants to meet with him for a second.

When Cristina comes out to meet with Owen, she tells him that she quit.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Finally getting some junk in this trunk.


Question - when was the last time a complete stranger took off her close in front of you, pointed to a big purple splash on her back and asked, "what the hell is this thing?" If you're a normal person the answer is hopefully never; if you're a doctor the answer is probably about five years ago. People expect doctors to have all the answers. The truth is we love to think we have all the answers too. Basically, doctors are know-it-alls until something comes along that reminds us that we're not.