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The hospital is getting documented as Seattle Medical, a special documentary about the doctor’s lives after the mass shooting.

Sloan’s patient, Zachary, is getting new arms. There’s about five doctor’s working on it with him including Derek, Owen and Callie. They tell him that there’s a tattoo on the arm. This could complicate things, but Zack and his wife couldn’t care less.

During surgery, one arm goes on perfectly while the other has complications due to a blood clot. Callie is able to come to the rescue and save the second arm. A month later, Zach and his arms are doing great. He is getting a tattoo that reads Thank You before Nicole.

Bailey gets reunited with Mary, the patient that she was trapped with in the shooting. When Mary gets there she’s still a bit nervous about being back in the hospital, but feels safe with Bailey and wants to finally get the procedure done and over with so that she and her husband can have babies.

The surgery goes smooth as silk, but Mary does not wake up. After a month, Mary’s husband decides to pull the plug because she’s brain dead.

Alex’s patient , Lily, starts to bother him with her loud music love of Justin Bieber. She begins to go into shock because she can’t breathe. Lily has a benign lump in her air tube. Before she goes into her MRI, Lily tries to sneak in her Ipod. Alex ends up singing for her while she’s in there.

If they operate on Lily, she will die and if they don’t operate on her, she will die. Alex feels hopeless, but with Arizona’s help they realize that they can grow a trachea inside her that will replace the old one.

A month later, Lily is healthy and fine. She decides that as cool as being a rock star is, a doctor like Karev is just as cool. She brings him in to her class during show and tell.  

Arizona applied for a Carter/Madison grant two years ago and will have to move to Africa. Callie is obviously not thrilled that Arizona will go through with moving to another continent.

After a month, Callie decides to go with Arizona to Africa. Nothing will keep these two lovebirds apart.

Jackson gets stuck inside a passageway with a patient that’s coding. This brings back flashes from the shooting and that he had to lose a bunch of his friends.

Cristina and Meredith get interviewed together about their friendship and being residents. Throughout the episode, Cristina struggles to be a part of any surgery.

She ends the episode sitting alone in a room with the cameras being interviewed. She tells them that they are all fine and better, but being a hero comes at a price.

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You picked a good night to start filming. This is gonna be fun.


Running a code can be chaotic. Sometimes the best thing you can do is know when to get out of the way.