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The Wesenrein tribunal begins, charging Monroe with marrying outside his bloodline and with befriending a Grimm. Rosalee and Juliette try to find the link between the wedding party and the Wesenrein, but don't have much luck at first.

Hank and Nick bring in Bud the Eisbiber to give Wu a controlled experience of a woge. They then arrest and interrogate Officer Acker, who is a member of the Wesenrein, but he refuses to give up any information.

The Wesenrein kidnap Bud and force him to testify in the tribunal. Rosalee and Juliette discover that Officer Acker's sister was the date of one of the wedding guests.

They bring in Acker's sister and threaten to kill her if Acker doesn't tell them where the Wesenrein is holding Monroe. Acker relents and tells them. Nick, Hank, Captain Renard, Sergeant Wu, Juliette, and Rosalee head out to the woods to save Monroe.

Just as the tribunal convicts Monroe and sentences him to death. Before they can carry out their sentence, however, Nick's posse arrives. Some of the Wesenrein are killed in the ensuing fight, but a half dozen are captured and arrested.

Monroe and Rosalee are safely delivered by police escort to the airport to finally begin their honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Juliette goes to Captain Renard and shocks him when she shows her new Hexenbiest nature.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Hank: Want to get a couple of things clear first.
Wu: "First"? There's a second?

Wu: And by "ready," you mean "off the deep end"?
Hank: There is no shallow end in this pool.