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Monroe and Nick find themselves in catacombs, and eventually locate the locked box that they're looking for. After searching for a bit, they also find a way out. They soon realize that they're being hunted by the Wesen priest and his torch-and-pitchfork mob, so stealthily make their way back to the car and successfully escape, though Monroe is bitten by one of the Wesen.

Rosalee's ex shows up in Portland and demands money from her. He's scared off when Adalind demonstrates that her Hexenbiest powers are returning by bending his fingers backwards. Adalind tells Rosalee that she's frightened that she'll return to the evil person she was before, when she was a Hexenbiest.

Eve takes down the assassin Marwand and snags his phone. Hadrian's Wall plans to follow him back to his compatriots. Lucien, however, tips off Renard, who goes to capture Marwand with Hank and Wu. Marwand ends up dead, and Meisner is furious at the lost opportunity.

Lucien and Rachel Wood, the campaign manager, approach Renard and ask him to become the mayoral candidate in place of Andrew Dixon.

Monroe and Nick return with the box, which they open to find... a stick. The stick apparently miraculously heals Monroe's infected bite.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Nothing personal, guys... or gals.

Monroe [searching through skeletons]

If they're looking for a Grimm, the last place they'll expect to find him is next to a Blutbaden in the middle of the Black Forest.