Grimm Round Table: Black Claw Shows Their Muscle

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Many characters faced important turning points and choices in Grimm Season 5 Episode 12, with Adalind dealing with the return of her Hexenbiest, Renard presented with an offer of power from Black Claw, and Team Grimm finally discovering what Nick's Crusader ancestors hid in a box so many centuries ago.

Round Table panelists Doug Wolfe, Allison Nichols, Robin Harry, and Kathleen Wiedel come together to discuss Adalind's powers, the hunt for an assassin, Renard's choice and more from "Into the Schwarzwald." Be sure to join in the conversation by adding your comments below!

Grimm Round Table 1-27-15

What are the implications of the return of Adalind's powers?

Doug: My guess is that everyone – especially Adalind – will want her to revert back to being strictly human. Somewhere along the way, someone will figure out that their new stick will be able to make that happen. Otherwise, it’s the end for her and Nick.

Allison: She could lose her place with Team Grimm, and all the trust she has built up with everyone will be threatened. I'm honestly excited to see how Adalind changes as her powers come back.

Robin: Besides lots of fun for me as a viewer?!? I honestly think that Adalind has more fortitude than she gives herself credit for, and that she will be able to resist the urges of her Biesty self when it matters. She has a child now, and I think that will make a difference, though it will be a struggle.

I think the rest of the team will want to help her be the nice version of herself, whether it means getting rid of the Hexenbiest powers, or helping her manage them.

Kathleen: Adalind clearly does not seemed thrilled by the prospect of her 'biest returning. "Terrified" would probably be a more accurate description. I think it might be interesting for the writers to go the way Robin suggested, with Adalind struggling against giving into her evil ways once more like an addiction.

It could serve as a contrast to the descent-into-evil arc Juliette had last season. If Adalind keeps this development secret for any extended period of time, though, I can't imagine Nick and company being thrilled when the truth eventually does come out.

Share your thoughts on the hunt for Marwand the Assassin and its outcome.

Doug: I was glad to see Eve go after him. Her powers seem to be immense now, especially now that she has full control over them. Obviously Marwand was a means to an end, and when the Black Claw was done with him, he was no longer needed.

Allison: I agree with Doug – I'm happy that Eve was the one who found him. We got to see more of what Eve can do, and if Hank and Wu somehow got to Marwand first, it would have made Eve look bad.

Robin: While I continue to wait for the other shoe to drop with Eve, as everyone else said, her takedown of Marwand was pretty cool. As far as the Portland PD is concerned, I'm a little disappointed that Hank didn't figure out it was a setup until after Marwand died, and that the thought never occurred to Renard.

Though Renard had every right to be annoyed with Meisner; he can't come in complaining about how the cops messed up his plan when he never told them to begin with. How were they supposed to know?

Kathleen: Robin took the words right out of my mouth regarding Meisner. How was Team Grimm to know that you had this whole trap set up when you didn't tell them about it? And since Lucien double-crossed his own assassin, the set up wasn't going to work anyway. I think the less-than-amiable conversation between Meisner and Renard was meant to set up tension when Black Claw came out with their offer to Renard.

Will Renard take Black Claw up on their offer to take Andrew Dixon's place as candidate for mayor?

Doug: I like to think he can’t be tempted like that. But the Black Claw doesn’t know that. I can foresee him taking them up on the offer, just so that he can go undercover with the Black Claw and work to bring them down from within.

Allison: I'm hoping he does it to dig up info on Black Claw because someone on the inside would be really helpful to Hadrian's Wall and Team Grimm. I can't see Renard being swayed so easily, especially since they killed a friend of his.

Robin: Not a chance – and if he does, it will be with ulterior motives. Renard doesn't do power on anyone else's terms but his own if he can help it, and he certainly won't answer to Black Claw. Besides, he's a Royal, and he probably considers himself above Black Claw. Their brutal tactics aren't refined enough for him.

Kathleen: Even before Renard threw in with Team Grimm, he was ultimately about law and order and keeping the peace in Portland, which he considered his canton, his territory. Along comes Black Claw, causing chaos, mayhem and anarchy. Yes, we've seen that Renard likes power (see Grimm Season 1 Episode 13, "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"), but there's a reason that he's a police captain. I agree with you guys that if he does take up Black Claw's offer, it's only to infiltrate Black Claw.

Why does Black Claw want Renard as Mayor of Portland, anyway?

Doug: My guess is that they want to establish Portland as a major hub for the Black Claw. And they got rid of Dixon because he wasn’t Wesen, or because he was, but wouldn’t play ball with them.

Allison: Power. They have big plans, and it wouldn't surprise me if one of those plans is to instill as many Wesen in positions of power as they can. They want to take over the world, essentially, and you need power to do it.

Robin: My theory is that they're trying to establish power in places that have Grimms. If I remember correctly, Trubel's been traveling to different coups to help other Grimms out with suppressing the revolution, and what better way for Black Claw to show their muscle than by owning a city with a formidable Grimm? Especially if the Wesen they put in power used to be allied with said Grimm.

Kathleen: I agree with Allison that Black Claw is after power, but we're lacking certain key pieces of information, including (1) what Black Claw knows about Renard's relationship with Nick and Team Grimm and (2) what Black Claw knows about Renard himself. It's common knowledge in certain circles that Renard is the bastard son of the late king, but Lucien and company seemed more interested in the fact that Renard is a Zauberbiest.

What do you think of the Magic Healy Stick? Why would the Grimm Crusaders bury it?

Doug: It’s more than a healing stick, of that I’m certain. If it’s from Creation’s tree, then it’ll have great power that can be used for good or evil. They have yet to explore the faded writing on the parchment that came with it. I’m sure that’ll provide more clues.

Allison: I agree with Doug. The stick has to do more than heal. It doesn't seem likely that Grimms would have gone through such elaborate measures to hide a stick if it only healed people. There has to be something else to it, something deadly.

Robin: I agree that there's more to the stick than healing powers, and I'm excited to see what that is. As for why it was hidden – I'm assuming that with all things science fiction and/or mystical, it can be extraordinarily good for mankind, or weaponized to mankind's detriment. I'm guessing the Grimms thought that whatever power this thing wields was better left out of everyone's hands.

Kathleen: Perhaps it can suppress a Wesen's Wesen half, or activate dormant Wesen genes in an otherwise normal human. I can see that being a good reason to hide the thing but still leave it intact, in case of future necessity.

*Bonus: What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Doug: I enjoyed watching Monroe get so excited about finding the box. Man, he really came alive in that scene didn’t he? Like a kid in a candy store.

Allison: Doug is stealing all of my answers. Monroe freaking out about the history they were making was all sorts of adorable. I really loved Nick and Monroe in the church trying to figure out where the box was hidden.

Robin: I loved everything about the scene where Adalind's powers started coming back. First of all, making a pretzel out of that guy's phalanges was badass, whether she intended it or not. Second, the fear she showed as she realized what was happening was intense. Claire Coffee nailed that scene.

Kathleen: Those scenes are all great, so I'll mention the bit where Team Grimm is all puzzled over the fact that the long-buried and much-hunted Grimm treasure is... a stick.

Monroe: It's a stick?!
Hank: It looks like a stick.
Wu: A really old stick.
Rosalee: It can't be just a stick.

Be sure to check back for our review and discussion of Grimm Season 5 Episode 13, "Silence of the Slams," after it airs on Friday, March 18, 2016 at 9/8c on NBC!

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