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Jeffrey catches Reva following Emma and demands to know what she is doing but Reva avoids answering. Seeing her again with him, Olivia threatens her but Reva calls her bluff and claims she's going to keep seeing Jeffrey.

When Lizzie happens by, Olivia (Crystal Chappell) starts to reveal the secret about Jonathan but Reva backs off.


A smug Olivia then orders Reva to make sure Jeffrey invites her to Josh's wedding. Alan brings Rafe and Natalia to Towers for dinner and instructs him on how to treat the wait staff and get the table you want. Natalia lays into Alan for pushing his life onto her and her son.

Pointing out that he broke Harley's heart, Daisy refuses to tell Gus where her mother is. Officer Tobias calls Gus to let him know that Daisy and Rafe were busted for shoplifting.


Gus confronts Alan and Natalia back at the mansion and leaks that Rafe was nabbed. Alan insists he handled it and explains that Daisy actually stole the item and Rafe covered for her. Gus and Natalia confront Rafe and Daisy and, after sending Daisy to work at Company, Gus spots the expensive watch Alan gave Rafe and orders him to remove it.


Back to the mansion Gus chats with Natalia and fails to realize Harley is calling his cell phone. When Billy takes a meeting at the Towers about the sale of a building, he's upset to find Jeffrey is the owner's lawyer and gives him a hard time about the purchase.

Making the deal anyway, Jeffrey assures him that he won't hurt Reva and claims he doesn't owe Billy an explanation about their relationship.

Olivia tells Jeffrey she's not afraid of him anymore but he's not interested.

Finding Lizzie with Billy laughing together at the Towers, Alan is rocked when they confirm he's mentoring her. Reva returns to the Cross Creek cabin with Emma.

Guiding Light
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