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After he swings another deal for Lewis Construction, Wanda congratulates Billy at the Towers. He takes a break from his already busy day to stop at the bar for a quick drink.

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He remembers it was only four months ago when Josh was sent to prison and gave him the huge list of things to do while he was locked up.

Billy fell off the wagon when he found a flask at the station house and took his first sip.

The pressure to drink continued when Josh decided that he was not coming back to Lewis Construction. Things got worse two weeks ago when he found out that Reva was having an affair with Jeffrey.

Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) complains to Billy about Buzz making her work for a living.

She asks him for a ride home but he realizes that he's too inebriated to drive and asks Wanda to take her home while he takes the rest of the day off. Josh asks Billy to be his best man and won't accept anything but a "yes" from him.

Reva complains to him about her troubles with Jeffrey. He suggests that she leave him and not go back.

When Lizzie hands over the check and announces to the patrons that she is the new owner, she spots Billy at the bar. Billy worries to see her shooting pool with the notorious Jake the Snake.

Finding she left her ring behind, Billy ends up playing the hero when he tosses Jake out of Lizzie's room.


Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) claims she could handle the guy but then bemoans how lonely she is. Billy then lets her know that he's not fooling himself about his drinking.

She complains to Billy about how her grandfather ignored her request that he mentor her. Billy offers to do just that and hires her to work at Lewis but the two set some rules first.

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