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Part 1

Ashlee tells him to go be with Ava when can't commit to her. Marina advises Buzz that Alan intends to buy the mall and shutter CO2.

Hearing about his date with Lillian tonight, the two then argue as he wonders when Marina is going to go on a real date.

Later, Doris asks Buzz to throw his support to her campaign but he takes her campaign posters and buttons and tries to throw them away.

Part 2

Ashlee and Coop (John Driscoll) rush to the mall and Ashlee tells her mother to leave her friends alone. Doris resents her lack of loyalty but Ashlee points out how often Doris has driven people away from her.

Warning Buzz that she has made a big mistake, Doris runs off only to be caught crying later by her daughter. Doris warns her daughter that Coop will never love her the way she deserves to be loved.

Coop confides to Marina that he may have romantic feelings for Ashlee. Reminding her they had a deal where their marriage is concerned, Cyrus asks her why she wants to change things.

Part 3

She counters that he hasn't stuck to their deal as far as Marina is concerned. Alexandra offers him a job at Spaulding as her assistant to help her raise cash for the company.

After he leaves, Lillian brings Alexandra presents in honor of her wedding. Alexandra smiles as she reveals that she "really" kissed Cyrus and hints that Cyrus' fling with Marina will be over tonight.

The End

Meanwhile, Cyrus meets Marina and suggests that they take a break. When she won't agree, he decides that they must end their relationship.

  • Blake warns Cassie that being a minister's wife doesn't have to change her.
  • Cassie agrees and later confides to Josh that she wants to get married now before Josh leaves for his retreat.
  • Buzz tells Lillian, he's decided to run for mayor.
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