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Part One

Before the Reverend Ruthledge can pronounce them husband and wife, Olivia speeds off to meet Alan Spaulding and finds Reva on her smashed windshield, bleeding. Hearing the sound, Cassie okays Josh running to see what happened.

Mel, Josh and Jeffrey find Reva on the ground now and call for an ambulance. Lizzie finds Billy eyeing the crash sight and offers to drive him to the hospital.

Part Two

He snaps at Alan who makes a joke about Reva spoiling today's wedding. Hearing about the accident, Alan jokes that she did crash the wedding. Calling him a better man than Alan could ever be, Lizzie stands up for Billy when her grandfather calls him a drunk loser.

She worries to see him smash his glass after taking another drink. At the hospital, when Frank interrogates Olivia, Jeffrey tells her not to answer but does defend her. He later asks her if she deliberately hit her rival but Olivia urges Jeffrey to believe that this was an accident.

Part Three

Mel assures Josh and Cassie that Reva should be okay though they can't determine the extent of her injuries until she is awake. The Reverend Ruthledge then advises them that they are not officially married.

Cassie secretly watches and listens as Josh talks to his unconscious ex-wife. Cassie then gets a moment by her bed and asks her sister if she did this on purpose to stop the wedding. Billy confesses to Josh that he did have a sip of champagne earlier but then threw it away.

The End

Olivia advises Alan that Reva kidnapped Emma.

She insists she didn't hit Reva on purpose and he offers her any support she needs. Eyeing the accident scene, Jeffrey points out to Frank that there are no skid marks. Reva enjoys letting Olivia know that she set up the accident and is now in charge.

Guiding Light
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