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Reva, understandably, worries she’s lost her upper hand when Cassie informs her that she went to the police station to turn Olivia in.

Josh and Cassie hurry to the Clerk’s office to make their marriage official, as Reva calls the clerk’s office and says there may be a problem with a couple coming in.

Episode Recap, Part One

Cassie and Josh finally get the clerk to agree to sign the papers, and Josh sweeps Cassie into his arms and carries her off.

Olivia is surprised when Jeffrey steps in as her lawyer, and learns that Cassie is to blame for the arrest, not Reva.

Reva comes to square things away with Olivia, and Olivia is hurt and shaken as Jeffrey leaves with Reva.

Jeffrey tells Reva (Kim Zimmer) that it’s okay if she wants to go find Josh, but Reva realizes it was Jeffrey who she needed. Reva and Jeffrey kiss and move to the bed.

Episode Recap, Part Two

Coop finally admits that Ashlee is the reason that he and Ava probably don’t have a chance together. Olivia comforts Ava and urges her not to cry, but to get even.

Stuart talks Ashlee into having a drink before they head out to the lake. Coop charges in and throws Stuart out, saying that Ashlee deserves better. Coop says that it’s over with Ava ... and that he wants to be with Ashlee.


Ashlee asks Coop to leave, twigged that it’s so hard for him to confess his feelings. Coop calls Ashlee from outside her door and tells her he’s not giving up.

Guiding Light
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