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Dinah (Gina Tognoni) offers Alexandra the latest update on Cyrus and Marina and she responds by firing her.

As Alexandra describes how Cyrus no longer has any interest in Marina, Dinah angrily guesses that he has bamboozled her and wonders aloud what she will do when he embarrasses her later.

Episode Guide, Part One

Finding a woman has left her credit card at the bar, Dinah poses as "Georgia" and when Matt catches her spinning a story for the bartender, he points out how smooth she was as she lied.

Marina is at the station house when Cyrus is brought in for speeding. Lizzie approaches Rafe about spying on her grandfather for her but he's not interested.

Ted at the Towers warns Natalia and Gus that Alan paid him off not to hire her.

Episode Guide, Part Two

Alan apologizes but points out how she and Gus seem to be spending a lot of time together and then pays off Ted again.

Daisy is outraged that Billy sent Gus on a wild goose chase to give Harley and Dylan more time to reunite and asks him to leave them alone.

Admitting he has an important meeting tomorrow with Tom Nelson at Nelson Industries, Billy invites Lizzie to join him.

Episode Guide, Part Three

She warns that her spy at the mansion heard Alan is meeting with Tom today and arranges for Billy to make his pitch at the same time Alan does.

Lizzie helps Billy win the deal. Daisy's upset when she catches Rafe questioning Billy about what he did to Gus.

Alan tries to stop Rafe from running after Daisy for fear of losing his "power" but Rafe claims he doesn't care about Spaulding power.

Remy takes an interest when he meets Lola, Mel's clerk.

A scheming Mel asks him to stay away from her but guesses correctly that he'll ask her out anyway.


Gus and Natalia end up trapped in an elevator car which is eventually opened by Harley just after Gus admitted that he could be a family with her and Rafe.

Back at the mansion, Cyrus takes a call from Griggs who asks for an update on their mark.

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