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The Beginning

After pulling Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) and Natalia out of the stuck elevator, Harley starts to walk away only to be stopped by Gus who wants to know why she won't talk about their faltering marriage.

The Episode

Harley announces that she came to town to support her father and runs to join him at the Towers restaurant. There, Buzz (Justin Deas) tells the crowd of supporters how important family is to him and why he should be Springfield's next mayor.

He points out Harley and Gus' marriage as proof of family values but Harley privately urges him to keep her out of this. In the midst of this, Natalia takes a job as a waitress at the restaurant and later, on the terrace, announces to Harley that she wants Gus and deserves him because she was her boyfriend first.

Outraged, Harley runs to the ladies room where Gus blasts her for leaving town with her ex. Harley insists she needed time after Gus betrayed her by sleeping with Natalia and claims she called him many times.

  • Gus denies getting any of her calls so Harley suggests Natalia erased them.
  • Gus claims he slept with Natalia after realizing she slept with Dylan.

Harley denies sleeping with him and when she agrees to talk about this at home, she's upset to see him apologize to Natalia and hold her hand. Zach and Jude jump out to wish them a Happy Anniversary.

Talk about their wedding day draws the two back together until they end up in bed at the end of the night. But when Gus suggests they take it slow, Harley pulls back because she keeps seeing "her."

The End

Harley lays into Frank for badmouthing her marriage to Natalia. Harley and Gus decide to take a break from each other. He ends up at the Spaulding mansion and tells Rafe that he needs to spend time with him.

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