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PART I: Meekly calling out Phillip's name, Olivia panics when she finds her hotel room trashed. She's startled to hear a noise and relieved to see it's Lizzie out in the hall. As they talk, Bill slips out the window holding the white teddy bear. Olivia asks if she's seen Phillip and admits she's thinking about getting a gun.

PART II: Bill is revealed to be back in Springfield and is the person who was at the Beacon with the teddy bear. Mallet (Robert Bogue) finds Dinah and Edmund arguing on Main Street and orders Edmund to stay away from her. Dinah later tells Mallet the same thing. After Will overhears them talking, Josh opts to take him shopping while Cassie takes R.J. to lunch.

PART III: He urges the boy to realize that one day he R.J. and Will are going to be close. Edmund then talks with Cassie about Tammy and how much he loved her. Lizzie is shocked to find Bill in her room, wearing only a towel. After he comes on to her, Dinah arrives and welcomes Bill (Daniel Cosgrove). Lizzie agrees to let him stay but is asked not to tell his dad he's back.

PART IV: Back at home, Josh asks Will if he locked himself in the barn to get R.J. in trouble. Scheming Will claims R.J. did it and then hugs Josh and tells him it will be great to be with him. Later, Josh tells Cassie that he's having second thoughts about R.J. locking Will in the barn. Will cries when Cassie asks about the lock.

Guiding Light
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