November 14, 2007 Photograph
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  • Bill awakes from a dream - more like a nightmare - about being kidnapped and his life threatened. When he leaves the room, he runs into Olivia (Crystal Chappell) who embraces him.
  • Bill hugs Emma, and says he left the stuffed bear for her daughter. Later, Billy takes him to the Towers where Lizzie has made a lunch reservation for them and Vanessa. Billy and Vanessa apologize.
  • Bill finds Lizzie's diary and reads various pages to get some insight into her. Alan (Ron Raines) warns Lizzie about announcing an upcoming deal for Lewis Construction because if it fails, she'll be blamed.
  • Bill takes Lizzie for drinks and talks up how big a help she's been. They end up kissing and return to the room at the Beacon to hit the sack. As Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) sleeps after sex, Bill slips out of the room with some files and surprises Billy by telling Tom that he'll do the presentation to the press.
  • Tom tells Billy he wants Bill put in charge of the project. Liz is shocked and Billy disappointed in her. Later, Lizzie finds her diary has been read and realizes exactly how Bill deceived her.
  • Olivia asks Bill why he's back but he responds only with a kiss. Lizzie confronts Bill about betraying her and when he accuses her of getting him fired, she denies it and takes a swing at him with a bat.
  • He falls and cuts his arm. After he leaves, Billy finds Lizzie crying and confronts his son who reveals how he was almost killed because of his dad.
Guiding Light
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