November 15, 2007 Photograph
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Guiding Light

Episode Recap, 11/15

Part One

Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) complains to Dinah (Gina Tognoni) about what Bill did to her. Dinah advises her to talk to Bill about her feelings. Meanwhile, when Billy chastises his son for the way he's talking about Lizzie, Bill suggests they split a bottle of bourbon and talk about problems.

After Dinah brings them together for dinner, Lizzie suggests to Bill that he owes his dad an apology. Bill (Daniel Cosgrove) kisses her. Josh and Cassie argue, Will asks Josh to teach him baseball the way he did Shayne. Reva is disgusted and scared when Edmund turns out to be her driver at the airport.

Part Two

Edmund asks her to help break up Josh and Cassie but Reva (Kim Zimmer) tells him to "get lost." Edmund quickly drops her off after she leaks Josh intends to adopt Cassie's kids. Later, Reva surprises Jeffrey as he waits outside Cassie's (Nicole Forester) place. She opts not to tell him about her run-in with Edmund.

Later at the Cross Creek cabin, Josh is surprised to find Reva in town. He asks Jeffrey if he's been watching the farm house. Jeffrey vows to keep doing it until Edmund is gone. Thanking him for helping them, Josh asks him to stop with the surveillance. Reva finally sends Josh away, promising to "handle" Jeffrey. Upset to find him in her house, Cassie advises Edmund that Josh is going to adopt her kids.


Cassie interrupts Reva and Jeffrey kissing. After Jeffrey leaves, Reva hints to her sister that they are the best people to get rid of Edmund. On the phone, Jeffrey thanks someone for tickets to Montana for Thanksgiving. Edmund confronts Josh at the farm and claims he knows Cassie is aware that Alan (Ron Raines) is the actual father of Beth's baby ....

Guiding Light
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