November 16, 2007 Photograph
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Josh tries to cover when Edmund (David Andrew Macdonald) claims he knows Beth is carrying Alan's baby but Edmund sees his reaction and realizes he guessed correctly.

He orders Josh to walk away from Cassie or else his congregation will find out about his lies as will Alan. Edmund suggests he tell Cassie he's going back to Reva but Josh orders him to get out.

Reva and Cassie enjoy coming up with ways to get rid of Edmund until Cassie worries her sister is serious. After Cassie leaves, Jeffrey surprises Reva with tickets to Montana where they will spend Thanksgiving with Jonathan and Sarah.

Reva (Kim Zimmer) mentions that Edmund is determined to be with Cassie. Jeffrey doesn't take the bait and guesses that she was testing him. He warns her that he's been trained to watch out for Cassie.

Edmund assures Will he'll take care of Josh and then asks Blake to help him find a house. Daisy catches Rafe skipping school but resents her snooping. He also claims that getting the abortion was the biggest favor anyone's ever done for him. 

Saying at Harley (Beth Ehlers) will always mean something to him, Gus tells Natalia that she always will too. Unimpressed, Natalia claims she won't settle and decides she'll "strike out on her own" for the time being...

Gus grounds Rafe for skipping school but the teen is unimpressed. Alan (Ron Raines) invites Natalia and Rafe to Thanksgiving dinner. After telling her about Rafe, Gus surprises Natalia with an engagement ring ...

Guiding Light
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