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Guiding Light: Episode Guide (11-19-07)

Part One

Edmund approaches Alexandra at the mall and asks for a job keeping her husband in line but she's not interested. Jeffrey is curious why Josh wants to hire him to get rid of Edmund "permanently."

Josh explains Beth's secret and admits that Edmund is vowing to tell Alan (Ron Raines) the truth. He claims he can think of no other way of ending the threat to Cassie. Later, Jeffrey agrees to help Josh who asks if he can handle it before he and Reva (Kim Zimmer) fly out of town.

When Billy interrupts, Jeffrey tells Josh to trust him. Billy guesses to Josh that Bill was behind the financial problems at the company and asks for his help running the company. Jeffrey confronts Edmund who admits he's having a massage. The two argue about protecting Cassie.

Part Two

Talking about the good old days when they worked together at the "agency," Jeffrey sends Roc Hoover into Edmund's room and later the masseuse discovers that her last-minute client is gone. Hearing about the divorce, Cassie offers her sympathies to Harley (Beth Ehlers).

When she rips Cyrus because he was caught stealing money from the charity, Harley ignores her. She invites Harley to try to create a Thanksgiving miracle by getting Marina, Cyrus and the Coopers together. Harley rushes over to Marina's place but finds Cyrus wearing only a towel.

She invites him to Thanksgiving dinner and, when she mentions starting up her detective business again, he offers to work for her. Meanwhile, Marina invites Cassie to hire her to follow Edmund but Cassie isn't interested. Jeffrey calls Josh and tells him he has nothing to worry about.

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