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Guiding Light, Part One: Gus asks Natalia if they can spend Thanksgiving together as a family. But when Harley invites him to spend Thanksgiving with her and the kids, he accepts. He lets Natalia know that Harley invited them all for Thanksgiving but Natalia suggests he go there himself. Hearing Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) grounded him, Alan (Ron Raines) assures his grandson that he's on his side and suggests that Gus is being too hard. Overhearing his mother telling Gus to go by himself to Harley's, Rafe stands up for Natalia and assures Gus they can eat fast so he can be with Harley.

Guiding Light, Part Two
: Cyrus secretly watches as Frank and Marina admit that they miss each other. Marina tells her father that Cyrus will not be at the family dinner tomorrow and though he is pleased, their talk gets out of hand as they argue about Cyrus. Harley says to Alexandra that she and Cyrus became close but are just friends and are not in love. Dylan's impressed to find his daughter working on a student council school project to help those less fortunate than others. He congratulates her on getting back to her life. She claims that she can't do what Rafe (EJ Bonilla) is doing in allowing the abortion to change him.

Guiding Light, Part Three: Trapped in a stalled elevator car together, Beth talks with Daisy about what it's like to be pregnant and her expectations and hopes. Feeling bad, Beth dials and is surprised to realize that she called Alan, not Rick. A frantic Alan rescues her and later, Daisy falls over and mourns her loss. Cyrus finds Harley at her place and helps her carry the turkey inside. She accuses him of loving Marina when she sees he's brought a football so he can revive the traditional family game. When Marina learns Gus proposed to Natalia, she asks him not to tell Harley (Beth Ehlers) on Thanksgiving.

Guiding Light
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