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Guiding Light Episode Guide, November 2, 2007


Rafe resents it when Alan (Ron Raines) tells him to pay attention to his mother. Natalia complains to Alan about how Daisy's decision has affected her relationship with her son. Alan then invites her out to dinner. Natalia leaks that Gus is going to ask Harley for an annulment. Olivia (Crystal Chappell) asks Alan about Phillip. Assuring her she'll be fine, Alan demands that she keep Gus away tonight because he has plans for Natalia.

Part One

As Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) comforts her mother at the hospital, Gus rushes in, takes Harley in his arms and tells her how relieved he is that she's alive. He starts to blame Cyrus for almost costing her her life but Harley defends him. Gus offers to take care of her but after she tells him she's not sure what she needs from him, Harley finds the annulment papers. Shocked, she asks if this was Natalia's idea. She also points out that since they weren't married in the church, they don't need one.

Part Two

Now that Cyrus is awake, Marina updates him that she was fired but lies about the reason and claims they can be together now. He later slips out of the hospital and surprises Frank at the station house. Cyrus offers to leave the country if he'll drop all the charges against Marina. Later, Marina catches Cyrus at the Spaulding mansion and takes him back to the hospital after he announces that he's not staying.

Part Three

Marina thanks Harley for taking care of Cyrus. She later advises her father that she's not giving up on being with Cyrus who is not leaving town. Rafe (EJ Bonilla) surprises Daisy with a visit and chastises her for not being in school. The two end up arguing about abortion and why she chose to have one. Olivia calls Gus about her broken security system so he stops by to check on her and Emma. He then confides that he's ended his marriage.

Guiding Light
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