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Part One

Slipping into Lizzie's (Marcy Rylan) suite, Dinah orders a huge room service order. The present he sent Emma is mentioned as Beth warns Lizzie how Philip may be back in town and asks her to come live with her and Rick for awhile. Lizzie explains that she already "made him dead" in her mind.

Part Two

Lizzie is shocked to find Dinah moved into her suite. Dinah (Gina Tognoni) works hard but convinces Lizzie to let her live there, promising to pay her back. Alexandra warns Marina that if she can't have Cyrus, she'll make sure Marina can't either. Marina realizes that Alexandra is the key to Cyrus being allowed to stay in the country.

Part Three

At the hospital Harley (Beth Ehlers) talks with Cyrus about how strange life is after her "near-death experience" but he falls asleep. When Cyrus is given his release from the hospital, Harley invites him to come stay with her for the time being but he ends up leaving with Marina. At home, Cyrus quickly calls Harley to make sure she's okay.

Part Four

Cassie and Josh's efforts to make Will feel welcome at his new home falls flat. Hearing she's been skipping school lately, Harley invites a relieved Daisy to come back home. Will resents it when Cassie volunteers him to show his brother around school. After Will agrees to allow Josh to adopt him and R.J., Cassie argues with Josh about taking Will to see Edmund. Josh won't allow it, but Cassie calls Jeffrey for help seeing Edmund.

Guiding Light
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