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Pushing her to do the right thing, Cyrus asks Marina to give Harley (Beth Ehlers) his best at Thanksgiving.

Overloaded with goodies, Ashley confides to Coop that she misses her mother a bit but is excited about spending the holiday with him and his family.

Buzz finds Frank (Frank Dicopolous) working at the house and pushes him to come with him to Harley's. Zach and Jude help their mother set the table and she explains that they don't need a place card for Cyrus.

As he and his mother get ready to go work at the Towers, Rafe (EJ Bonilla) lets Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) know he's not pleased Gus is going to be with Harley. When Gus arrives at the house and tells Harley he wants to talk to her after dinner about something, Marina pleads with him not to ruin today.

Alan (Ron Raines) steps in to handle a rude customer and thanks Natalia for keeping him company this holiday. Resentful of the way the maitre'd is treating his mother, Rafe tells him off and is fired.

Rafe leaves but grabs a bottle of wine as he does so.

Just after Buzz offers a Thanksgiving toast, a drunk Rafe arrives and lays into Gus for abandoning his family. Gus escorts him out and later, during the family "Cooper Bowl," Frank and Cyrus end up fighting.

Cyrus eventually leaves but meets Harley later at the Towers bar. Over at the mansion, Natalia accepts Gus' proposal, as does Rafe.

Taking her call, Rafe finds Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) and apologizes for the way he's treated her. Doris is touched when Ashlee brings her leftovers...

Guiding Light
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