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Guiding Light (11.7.07) Part One: As Guiding Light returns, Josh and Cassie decide to throw a party in Will’s honor. Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) is shocked to find out Edmund is being released. Cassie sees Tammy again and wonders if bringing Edmund back was asking for trouble. Frank warns Edmund to get out of town, and Edmund seems like he’s going to oblige. When Cassie and Josh notice the boys are gone, Clarissa offers to find them. RJ and Will mock battle with gardening shears.

Guiding Light (11.7.07) Part Two
: Cassie tells Jeffrey that they let Will visit Edmund and Jeffrey warns to be cautious. RJ returns but Will doesn’t, so Cassie bolts to look for him, but instead opens the door to find Edmund. Everyone splits up to find Will, although some suspect Edmund is behind his disappearance. They find Will locked in the barn and Edmund is the one to free him. Will hints that it was RJ who locked him in the barn and then asks if Edmund can stick around.

Guiding Light (11.7.07) Part Three: Cassie (Nicole Forester) agrees, for Will’s sake. RJ tells Josh that Will is lying, but Josh doesn’t believe him. Jeffrey learns that Edmund is free to stay in town if he wants to. Cassie is worried RJ won’t adjust, and she’s losing one son by bringing the other home. Will comes back to the barn for his red sweater and finds Edmund. Edmund knows Will locked himself in because Will wants Cassie to love only him and he couldn’t be more proud.

Guiding Light
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