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As Guiding Light resumes, Alan (Ron Raines) arranges for Doris to drop all the charges against Alexandra if she will help Doris win the election. The plot thickens.

Alan then adds his own request that she divorce Cyrus and get him out of the house but she refuses. Though Frank urges Harley to take some more time off, she refuses and claims he's short-handed now that Marina's off the force. He fumes when she urges him to accept Marina's feelings for Cyrus and calls immigration.

Harley runs to warn Cyrus and Marina.

When INS Agent Jenkins confronts them all, they work together to convince the agent that his marriage is legitimate but the agent doesn't back off until Alexandra (Marj Dusay) affirms their marriage.

Back at the mansion Cyrus tells his wife that he can't stand her but she warns he'll end up in jail if he doesn't stay married to her. Marina heads to the wing with Cyrus, warning Alexandra to back off or he'll divorce her.

Rafe's not happy when his mother sets him up to talk with Father Ray about his emotional troubles.

Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) calls Harley for help when her boys ask why he hasn't been home lately. He decides that he doesn't want the annulment.

Harley (Beth Ehlers) counters that she won't give him a divorce because she thinks he's reacting to Natalia's ideas about divorce and annulments. But when she sees how messed up Rafe is, Harley decides that because Rafe and Natalia need Gus, she will give him the annulment.

Guiding Light
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