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Part I

Cassie and Josh fear the "axe will fall" after Proctor claims that the search committee will announce their decision later in the day. The two head back to their place and as they try to have sex, Jed calls and asks the two of them to be there when they make their announcement.

At Company, Josh and Cassie (Nicole Forester) are astounded when Jed asks him to lead their church. In the midst of celebrating, Cassie blurts out that she wants to have a baby with him. Josh responds that he doesn't know if he can do that. She assures him she's okay with it.

After he lays into her for kissing Alan, Natalia orders Gus to decide whether he wants to be with her or not as she's going to end her pursuit of him if he won't commit.

Part II

In New York, Cyrus locks Harley in the hotel room and runs off with the million dollars. He runs into an attractive woman named Krista who invites him to join her and her girlfriends at a casino. Meanwhile, Gus manages to open the door, surprising an embarrassed Harley. As they talk, Cyrus returns and announces that he managed to get Grigg's cell number from Krista. Gus agrees to return to Springfield.

Harley then slaps the ankle bracelet back on Cyrus.

Daisy and Rafe (E.J. Bonilla) end up in Dylan's hotel room while her father's away in Boston.

Both agree they should concentrate on homework for fear they'll be caught having sex again. Rick informs Natalia that his friend Paul Wegner, the specialist in New York, thinks that Rafe would be a perfect candidate for an experimental diabetes procedure.

But when Rafe hears about it, he decides he's fine as he is. Daisy runs into Rick at the hospital and then asks a nurse how far along you have to be to take a pregnancy test.

Guiding Light
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