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Part One

Remy complains to Mel that Lola is stalking him and has even sent him her underwear. Mel doubts his claim but he calls her a "freakity freak." Lola suddenly appears and pushes him to come back to her place but Natalia saves him by calling her a name and claiming that Remy is her man. After he interrupts her voicemail message for Jeffrey, Reva advises Alan that she can't hide out anymore and must get back to her life and to Jeffrey.

Part Two

She brings out her suitcases but Alan stops her cold by revealing that he's read an Internet article about a body being found in Tourmaline. When he reads that the victim was shot with his own gun, Reva (Kim Zimmer) decides to call Jeffrey again but Alan stops her and demands that she stay put. Natalia urges Rafe to go apply for a job at a store bagging groceries but he guesses she just wants to keep him away from Daisy.

Part Three

Seeing him measuring his blood sugar level, Naomi Evans of the Juvenile Diabetes Awareness Foundation offers him a job accompanying her to schools to talk with kids. Telling the nurse she doesn't know if her boyfriend used the condom he had, Daisy decides to wait at the hospital for the results of her pregnancy test. After she learns that she is pregnant, Daisy runs into Rafe who is there to talk with a recently diagnosed 9-year old with diabetes.

She lies about why she's there.

Part Four

Finally back with Jeffrey, Reva tries to tell him her big secret but when she spots Daisy running, she abruptly cancels their chat. Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) confesses her secret to a supportive Reva. Jeffrey tries to trick Alan into revealing the secret but Alan smells a bluff and calls the lawyer on it. Later, Jeffrey asks Mel to find out where Alan's jet went on September 14.

Worried about Marina, Coop asks Ashlee to accompany him to the Bauer cabin where she may be.

Guiding Light
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