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Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part 1
The Reverend Ruthledge announces to Cassie and Josh that he's been offered a church in Chicago which means Josh could become his replacement. When they assume it's a done deal, Steven warns that the conservative Jedidiah Proctor is overseeing the interview. At Company, Jed starts the meeting by listing a recent and lengthy collection of Josh's troubles and misdeeds. Vanessa walks in and finds Billy about to drink.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part 2
Admitting he's been drinking for a couple of months, Billy tries to send her on her way. Instead, Vanessa invites him to come to South America with her for a week to see their son Bill. Dinah and Olivia hear their plans and want to accompany them. Though they learn his phone has been disconnected, the four decide to go anyway. A woman sends a text message supposedly from Bill asking them to delay their trip.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part 3

Depressed over his terrible interview, Josh finds Billy drinking and takes the bottle away. Having taken a few sips too many, Josh returns to Company and speaks up on his behalf again. Cassie finds him finishing up and admits that she already gave her own speech to the group. Frank laughs when Cyrus claims he can bring Marina back but needs a million dollars to do it. Harley contacts Gus who asks Alan for help.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part 4
After he offers to have the money wired immediately, Alan takes Alexandra's cellphone and calls Griggs with an offer of help. Harley and Cyrus head to New York City but she's mugged and loses her gun and the suitcase full of money. Cyrus gives chase but later, Harley (Beth Ehlers) discovers Cyrus and the suitcase full of money are gone and only his ankle bracelet is left behind. Back in Springfield, Alan impulsively kisses Natalia and she pulls back as Gus watches. Alan then apologizes.

Guiding Light
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