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Guiding Light: Episode Guide, Part I

Harley uses her laptop to replay Griggs' phone conversation over and over until she isolates the sound of bells chiming. She recognizes them as the bells from the Springfield lighthouse and tells Cyrus that Marina is home.

As they drive back, Cyrus dreams of being with Marina who warns him that "she's gone." Back in town, Harley suggests that they tell Frank what they know. Getting a call about Alexandra's (Marj Dusay) embolism, Cyrus is upset that Harley knew it and didn't tell him.

Guiding Light: Episode Guide, Part II

He insists on seeing Alexandra. After being unconscious for a week, Alexandra comes to and quickly calls Griggs. He admits Alan told him about her illness but claims he needs his money. Shocked to find a disguised Cyrus has arrived, Alexandra hangs up on Griggs and then pretends to forgive and accept Cyrus back.

Harley runs into Gus outside the house but refuses to allow him to comfort her, admitting that if she allows it this time, he probably won't be around the next time she needs support.

Guiding Light: Episode Guide, Part III

Thanks to Daisy's timely arrival, Harley (Beth Ehlers) is thrilled to be reunited with her children. Frank arrives and welcomes her back. Harley fumes to find Cyrus took her car. She catches up with him on Main street where he admits he ran out of gas. They end up back at the Beacon where Zach finds her.

He hints that he and his brother miss her and she assures him she's not going anywhere. Gus offers his help but Harley asks him to just walk away and forget about the kids for the time being. Harley lies to Frank that Cyrus knocked her out and went on the run. The two work together to figure out where Marina is.

Guiding Light
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