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Part One

Lizzie stops Josh, Cassie, Billy and Mel from arguing about who is to blame for the building collapse. Lizzie claims that the contractor who built the house is at fault and that it was Bill who recommended him. Mel shows a letter that suggests the legal fallout will be minimal. Alone with his brother, Josh tells Billy that he's no longer responsible for Lewis Construction and asks him to step back as head of the company.

Part Two

Billy calls down to Venezuela and learns that Bill has been cutting corners and "dropping the ball." When a woman answers Bill's phone, Billy announces that he's been fired. Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) confides in Cassie about having a baby someday. When Remy arrives on his loud motorcycle to pick up Natalia, Alan warns Gus that he has to fight him for Natalia now. Joe Crawford's hired thug Kiley confronts Remy with a poker marker and demands payment for his boss. Natalia offers him her antique watch.

Part Three

Later, Gus plays the hero when he rescues them. Natalia asks Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) to back off and boasts that she is with Remy now. Later, Remy announces to Natalia that he can't be with her anymore. Alan pays off Kiley for a job well done. Jeffrey warns Reva that she is mistaken to think that her pact with Alan is a good one and points out that Alan owns her. He urges her to go tell the truth to the police and adds that if the death of that sheriff eventually reaches Springfield, Alan will pin the murder on her.

Part Four

Alan interrupts so Jeffrey lets him know that he's aware he shot the sheriff. After telling them both that he's made a call about the dead man, Jeffrey explains how he got them out of this mess but only as long as Alan calls things even with Reva. Later, Jeffrey asks her to promise she'll always tell him everything. Josh discovers Cassie's made an appointment with a fertility clinic and asks her to cancel it.

Guiding Light
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