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As Harley and Cyrus hang out at her place and get some nourishment, Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) arrives so Cyrus hides. Dylan interrupts Rafe as he gets frustrated over his math homework. He plays the concerned father, vowing to do whatever he has to do to protect his daughter but opts not leak that Rafe's going to be a father. At the Beacon Daisy seeks out Natalia for some advice.

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Instead, Natalia talks about her glowing plans for her teenage son, hinting that Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) better not ruin them. They're interrupted by Rafe who wants to spend time with his girlfriend. After she gets him to admit he wants to have kids like everybody does, she panics and claims she has a student council meeting and runs off. Later, Daisy calls her mother and asks if she can accompany her to her doctor's appointment.

When Dylan finally catches up with her on Main Street, Daisy apologizes.

He warns her that pregnancy can ruin your life and adds that it will certainly ruin Harley's. Still in the hospital, Alexandra (Marj Dusay) worries when Griggs sends her Marina's necklace with a warning that he is needing his money now. Cyrus manages to slip into the hospital to see Alexandra and thanks her for everything she is doing to find Marina. Afterwards, Alexandra uses a payphone to call Griggs. Cyrus returns to Harley's place and calls to warn Griggs that if he harms Marina, he will hunt him down and kill him.


Having all calls from hospital pay phones traced, Harley learns that Alexandra has been calling Griggs from the hospital. She opts not to meet her daughter and, instead, rushes back to her house where she guesses to Cyrus that Alexandra paid for Griggs to kidnap Marina.

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