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Mallet advises Vanessa that Dinah has a new address. As Vanessa suggests they find a new doctor to work with her daughter, Dinah arrives with Matt and stares at them. Dinah confides to Matt that she doesn't see herself ever going back to Mallet.

Guiding Light Episode Recap (10/15/07)

When Vanessa confronts her, Dinah (Gina Tognoni) claims that Mallet doesn't treat her as an adult so she intends to act this way. After Mallet suggests her terrible parking job out in the lot shows she can't drive, Dinah angrily hands back her wedding ring. Cyrus doubts it when Harley reveals that Alexandra's been in contact with Griggs from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Alexandra calls Griggs again and admits that she sent him more money. When he asks how long she wants him to keep Marina and whether or not she wants him to kill her, Alexandra doesn't answer. Later, Cyrus shows up at the hospital to drive Alexandra home. As he steps out of the room, Alexandra quickly hides Marina's bracelet on her upper left arm.

Harley hides as Cyrus surreptitiously questions his wife.

When he spots Marina's bracelet, he pours her more wine as he realizes that Harley may be right. Harley (Beth Ehlers) joins in with questions about the missing woman.

Cyrus announces that once Marina returns, he's leaving Alexandra.

Dylan (Brian Gaskill) advises Reva that he tried but failed to be supportive when he confronted Daisy about her pregnancy.

After a lecture, Reva heads to the clinic. Regretting that her mother left a message that she can't meet her at the clinic, Daisy tells the nurse that she has made her decision and doesn't need her parent's permission. While waiting for the doctor, Daisy takes a call from Rafe and takes comfort from his voice.


After having the abortion, Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) wakes and finds Reva in her room. She mumbles to Reva that she did the right thing and that it was incredibly hard...

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