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Lizzie schemes to hook up Vanessa and Billy. Billy asks Vanessa about Bill and she reports all she's heard from him has been a few emails. Billy admits he fired his son. Vanessa confesses that she fears she made a mistake in thinking that it would be easy to end things with Matt.

Part One

Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) tries to reach Bill but has no luck. She later advises Billy not to give up on his son for fear that he may need his dad now. After Mallet leaves a lengthy message for her, Dinah calls Matt and rushes to be with him. Spotting Mallet, Dinah suddenly kisses Matt who later admits he regrets he doesn't get to spend time with Maureen today because of an important test she's taking.

Part Two

Enlisting the help of a fellow officer, Mallet brings Matt down to the station house. There, he asks Matt to take care of Dinah but Matt explains that Dinah (Gina Tognoni) is tired of being smothered by Mallet and is not the child that he thinks she is. Meanwhile, Dinah takes Maureen out of school. Mallet panics when Vanessa reports that Dinah took the girl. Meanwhile, Dinah surprises Matt with Maureen at Company but Mallet stops the impromptu party.

Part Three

When Dinah confronts her mom, Vanessa announces that she's sending her away to be "observed" which upsets Dinah so much she grabs Mallet's gun. He grabs it back and decides Vanessa is right. Beth is bothered by a reporter who questions her about her baby and leaving Alan and his money. After the newsman walks away, Rick wonders if she misses that opulent lifestyle. Josh is affected when he sees Cassie react to the many baby things that Beth just bought for her unborn baby.


Holding back her tears, Cassie (Nicole Forester) announces Kate Lester as the winner of the scholarship in Tammy's name. Afterwards, when Rick talks about the excitement he feels about being a dad again, Josh asks if Cassie asked him to tell him this. Cassie hears this and resents Josh for thinking that.

Guiding Light
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