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Buzz is touched when Olivia (Crystal Chappell) reveals that she organized a vigil for Marina tonight outside the hospital. Ava tries to soothe an upset Coop who is frustrated that Marina is still missing. He advises her he already has someone to help him. She asks him for help because she fears she's turning into her mother.

Episode Recap: Guiding Light (10/18/07)

As Ava makes the claim, Olivia arrives and overhears her.

As people gather for the vigil, Ava (Michelle Ray Smith) listens as Olivia lectures a reporter about the correct way to cover this event. Volunteering at the station house, Ashlee finds Daisy out of sorts and learns about the pregnancy and the abortion. Hearing no one went with her, Ashlee claims she would have gone with her.

Natalia argues with an angry Rafe who wants to skip school. She ends up calling Remy for help and leaks Daisy's secret. Remy finds Rafe drinking a beer. He asks him to respect his mother and not take out his anger on her. Later, Rafe is arrested for drinking. While Josh leads the vigil group in a prayer for Marina, Cassie spots Daisy sitting all by herself and gets her to spill her secret.

She takes her back to Josh's "office" at the Beacon where Josh joins them.

Impressed with how Cassie is handling the troubled teen, Josh later confides to his wife that he would like to have a child with her. Coop confides to Ashlee that he thinks Marina is dead. She assures him that it's okay to be worried. Marina calls Ashlee and states that she can't get free.


Upset when no one believes the call was real, Ashlee goes looking at the docks and spots her. Remy sends Daisy to the jail where she approaches Rafe. He announces he never wants to see her again.

Guiding Light
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