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Buzz learns Harley is working with Cyrus and promises not to fail Marina the way she failed Daisy. Harley walks in just as Alex tries to convince Cyrus to twist the story to keep them both from prison.

Harley forces Alex to call Griggs and tell him she won’t supply him with money until they have proof Marina is alive. Griggs agrees to exchange a final payment for Marina’s freedom, but Harley has to deliver it alone.

Coop waits for Ashlee, who is about to find Marina when she’s knocked out from behind by Griggs. Marina talks Griggs out of hurting Ashlee further, and making it look like a mugging instead.

Frank finds Ashlee (Caitlin Van Zandt) unconscious.

Marina screams and Frank thinks he may have heard something. Frank and Ashlee decide it was just a mugging, but Frank finds a long red hair on Ashlee’s shirt. Griggs reloads his gun as Harley arrives.

Coop has a few drinks and tells Buzz he doesn’t understand why Ashlee always blows him off when they start to get close. Ava (Michelle Ray Smith) helps a drunken Coop to his room and happily fills the void that Coop feels since Ashlee never showed up.

Ashlee sees Ava and Coop locked in a kiss and rushes off

Guiding Light
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