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Guiding Light: The Episode Recap (10.22.07)

As Guiding Light begins yet another week, Gus is at the Spaulding mansion and is stunned as Daisy confesses that she got pregnant and then had an abortion. She also leaks that Rafe was arrested for underage drinking.

Alan finds Rafe behind bars and tries to blame his arrest on Daisy. Rafe denies it and insists that he's done with Daisy, revealing what she did. Mentioning "another baby," Alan (Ron Raines) bails Rafe out but warns him never to trust Daisy.

Later, Gus calls his father and finds out Alan's already taken care of Rafe. Alan claims he gave Rafe money to go out and find a woman to cheer him up. Daisy catches sight of Rafe with Lola and he walks away from Daisy when she asks for a chance to talk. A frustrated Natalia (Jessica Leccia) tells Gus that she's guilt ridden over leaving her son in jail.

Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) assures her that she doesn't have to deal with this all by herself because she has him now. Caught with Alexandra, Cyrus tells Frank that he's been working with Harley and adds that he is his best chance at finding Marina. Unimpressed, Frank has Cyrus arrested.

Later, Alan calls Frank a failure as a boss, a brother and a father. Insisting she's alone, Harley urges Griggs not to be stupid and kill her or Marina. Griggs fetches a bound and gagged Marina. After Griggs checks on the cash, Marina spots Cyrus who has been brought to Griggs by a crooked cop.

Griggs then pulls a cuffed Cyrus aside while Marina refuses to leave with Harley unless she's with Cyrus. Harley takes her with her back to the station house where Frank is relieved to see his daughter is alive.

Alexandra demands to know why she left Cyrus behind.

Harley warns that Griggs will never let Cyrus go...

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