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As Guiding Light resumes where it left off, Mallet hesitantly visits Dinah at the psychiatric hospital and is pleasantly surprised to find her very accepting and loving. But Mallet refuses to take her home.

Outraged, Dinah kicks him out and then calls Matt for help. He too refuses and hints he's been talking with Vanessa. Marina argues with Alexandra about her relationship with Cyrus and his attempt to do the right thing. Hearing Harley's trying to find Cyrus, Alexandra (Marj Dusay) tries to make Marina jealous.

As Cyrus gives a weak Harley water, Griggs appears and demands the next account number. After he leaves, Cyrus warns her that he made up the last number. The two then try to climb out a window of the abandoned church but fail miserably. When an angry Griggs returns, he threatens to kill Cyrus for lying to him but then stops as he has an asthma attack.

Unable to find his inhaler, thanks to Harley (Beth Ehlers), Griggs can't stop coughing and loses balance before he falls through a hole in the floor. Harley and Cyrus look at the flyer Griggs was holding and realize the church is going to be demolished tomorrow. Daisy tries to run the student council meeting but gets nothing but grief from her fellow council members.

Rafe secretly watches from nearby as Macy badmouths Daisy after she runs off. Rafe stands up for her but when he realizes Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) heard, leaves. She chases him back to the mansion where she argues for their relationship but Rafe claims he can't forgive her for what she did. Posing as Harley, Daisy calls school and says her daughter will be out indefinitely.

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