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Part One
Cassie calls Alonzo and pleads with him to make Will happy by allowing him to come back home. Josh takes the phone but Alonzo hangs up on him. The two come up with a list of people who can help Cassie but when Edmund's name comes up, Josh insists he'll deal with him. Cassie assures Beth that she was out of it when she mentioned Alan's (Ron Raines) name the other day.

Part Two
After calling him in his cell, Josh (Robert Newman) interrupts and announces that Edmund has agreed to help her get custody of Will back. Beth is shocked and warns about bringing that man back into their lives. Cassie claims she can handle Edmund and when she calls him, he offers his sympathy for Tammy but asks to see her.

Part Three
As Marina's released from the hospital, she's served with a subpoena and later questioned by Internal Affairs and Doris about her friendship with Cyrus. Doris accuses her of being in on the Spaulding robbery because she never told her superiors about Cyrus' scheme. She's told it might be best if she just resigned. Later, Doris has Marina suspended. Dinah pleads with Lizzie and Billy to help her get released from the psychiatric hospital.

Part Four
Billy refuses to help but after he leaves, Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) admits she can relate to the troubles she's facing because of her own family problems. Lizzie calls Bill and leaves a message that Dinah needs his help. Edmund leaves a gardenia on Dinah's tray. Unable to break the chain that keeps them locked in the church, Cassie and Cyrus worry when Billy's demolition crew fails to hear them inside the abandoned building.

Guiding Light
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