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Guiding Light, Part I (10-30-2007)

As he tries to take her temperature, Dinah (Gina Tognoni) flirts with a hospital aid and eventually steals some matches as she scares him out of her locked room. She gets ready to light a fire in her waste basket but Matt arrives so she backs off. But when Vanessa also enters and she notices that Matt's wearing his wedding ring, Dinah goes ballistic. Furious that they're back together, Dinah tells her mother that she can't "fix her" and orders them both to get out. She later sets the fire and when someone rushes into her room to douse the flames, Dinah slips out and escapes only to run right into Edmund. Harley and Cyrus wake up, buried in the church rubble. Discovering that Cyrus is injured, Harley cries out for help. As they wait, Harley ends up kissing Cyrus.

Guiding Light, Part I (10-30-2007)

Mallet (Robert Bogue) catches Alexandra with her passport and questions her about missing Cyrus and Harley (Beth Ehlers). Promising to do everything he can to get Will back, Jeffrey warns Josh and Cassie that Alonzo being the boy's biological father will make his job difficult. They mention that Edmund has offered to help so Jeffrey updates them that he's been committed to a mental institution. Cassie decides not to use Edmund and Jeffrey reports that Alonzo is going to make custody very difficult for Cassie and has put Edmund on his list of witnesses. He makes arrangements for him and Cassie to meet Alonzo for Edmund's deposition and guesses Edmund won't be happy to see she's with Josh now. Sensing the boy's not happy, Josh tries to appease him. Cassie calls Will, Edmund instructs him what to say. Marina confronts Alexandra at the Spaulding mansion. Alexandra lies to her and Mallet about where Cyrus may be and sends them on a wild goose chase.

Guiding Light
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