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Guiding Light Birthday Recap, 10/04/2007

Jeffrey invites Mel out for a night of fun but she refuses to have a fling with him unless he's willing to make a commitment. He ends up confiding in her about how surprised he was by what developed between him and Reva. Alan catches Natalia cleaning rooms at the Beacon and invites her to a lobster dinner at the club.

He makes no apologies for the kiss he gave her and suggests that she's mistaken if she thinks Gus will ever be over Harley. Alan does hope that the kiss won't hurt their friendship and admits that he really needs her as a friend right now. Shocked to hear she's pregnant, Reva pushes Daisy to come clean to her mother but when she refuses, Reva hints that she'll tell Harley herself.

Daisy offers encouraging words to Frank about the missing Marina

He thanks her and apologizes for not spending more time with her. Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) assures her he's available if she needs someone to talk with. Called to a meeting at school with Dylan, Daisy assumes he knows the truth, thanks to Reva, but is relieved that he's there to talk with her about being elected vice president of the student council.

  • He then presses her to make college plans, reminding her of her big graduation day in 9 months. Later, Daisy confides to Rafe (E.J. Bonilla) that she's in trouble but claims it has to do with her job.
  • Jeffrey snoops around the station house in hopes of finding out what is going on between Reva and Alan.
  • He ends up getting a lead on Tourmaline out in California.
  • When he finds a newspaper story about the town hidden in a framed photo of Jonathan, Jeffrey arranges for a flight out west.

Reva accuses Alan of planning to frame her for the man's murder and refuses when he orders her to go out of town on a phony charity trip.

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