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Guiding Light, Episode Guide, Part One

Not knowing exactly why Daisy is so worried, Rafe says he’s there to help her with whatever she needs. Daisy tries to talk to Harley about what’s going on, but Harley is on a roll about how proud she is of Daisy. Rafe is confused as Daisy rushes away. Later, Daisy takes a deep breath, standing outside the Planned Parenthood Office. Reva (Kim Zimmer) realizes that Alan bugged her phone and says she’s going to the police to confess that they shot a man. Alan and Reva race to report each other to the police when Daisy interrupts Reva, needing to talk to her. Alan tries to keep Rafe from talking to Daisy.

Alan and Reva pronounce themselves mutually dependent on each other.

Guiding Light, Episode Guide, Part Two

Later, Jeffrey confronts Reva about Tourmaline, and Reva explains how Alan saved her life in Tourmaline, and shot a man dead. Jeffrey tells her she has to turn Alan (Ron Raines) in. Doris then sets forth an accusation that Marina may have been accomplice to Cyrus’s scheme and Frank loses it. Meanwhile, Harley and Gus continue to work together. Frank hesitantly gives Cyrus the lead he received on Griggs. Harley cuts off Cyrus’s ankle bracelet so they can try to get past security and get to Marina. Harley and Cyrus pretend to be a married couple awaiting a shipment and try to con the security guard into letting them onto the docks.

Frank shows the reporter a picture of Cyrus, saying that he’s involved with the kidnapping, as Harley and Cyrus steal their way on board the boat, hoping to find Marina.

Guiding Light
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