October 8, 2007 Photograph
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Part I

Outraged by what Doris said on the news about Marina, Coop tells Buzz (Justin Deas) that she did horrible things to anyone who befriended Ashlee and asks him to make Doris pay for what she's done. Ashlee's curious to find Daisy standing outside the family planning clinic. Daisy downplays it.

Part II

With Daisy's encouragement, Ashlee decides that she can't sleep with Coop and rushes off to cancel their trip. After she leaves, Daisy makes an appointment with Nancy from the clinic. When Doris stops by Company for a cup of coffee to go, Buzz confronts her about her efforts to keep Ashlee "safe" from Jack Summers.

Part III

Ashlee arrives and secretly listens as Doris admits that she has to protect her daughter. Buzz points out that she used the law to put an innocent man in jail and then made Ashlee think it was her fault. Blaming himself for the danger Marina is facing, Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) tells Mallet his suspension is put on hold until his daughter is safe and then shows him the wanted flier he's had produced to help nab Cyrus.

Part IV

Boarding the docked boat, Cyrus and Harley find a man bound and gagged. He claims Griggs left him there but did see the red-haired woman with him. Back at the hotel room, Cyrus is frustrated that they have no lead on Marina. Just then, Griggs calls and warns Cyrus to keep the cops out of it if he values Marina's life. Listening carefully, Harley tells Cyrus that Griggs is just "playing them."

Ava tells Doris she'll help her break up Ashlee and Coop

Guiding Light
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